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About Us

The company-manufacturer "Valimark-biz", which specializes in the creation and production of clothing brands "Valimark-biz" and "QZO", founded in 2005 in Ukraine in the city of Khmelnitsky. During its existence the company "Valimark-biz" introduced himself as the manufacturer of high-quality and stylish youth clothes with an individual design approach. Our product range - this T-shirts, sweaters, different styles and designs for men, women and children. The company also produces a wide range of models of jackets and scarves for all categories of the population. The main advantage of the manufacturer "Valimark-biz" is a good combination of price, quality and modern design.

The company's products can be found absolutely in every region of Ukraine, as well as in neighboring countries. Clothing wholesale from the company Valimark-Biz - it's bright and fashionable models, young, energetic and ambitious. "Clothes should be a reflection of personality" - that is how consumers find Valimark-Biz.

In the manufacture of products using high quality Turkish cloth, passed international quality certification and comply with international environmental standards. Our production is focused on the quality of the final product, that's why we continually upgrade our equipment. We use sewing and industrial equipment brands of European manufacturers.

When printing on the products we use silk-screen printing on an ultra-modern automated equipment of famous European and American manufacturers.

The application of this technology uses special water resistant plastisol ink and drying methods that would ensure consistent quality and image stability.

With us comfortable and profitable to cooperate all: both large retail chains, as well as the newly opened stores or customers who are planning to start your own business profitable. Individual approach, the system of discounts and bonuses practiced in work with each client.

All products are brand Valimark-Biz has a quality certificate.