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Payment and delivery

After the ordering and coordination of all questions with the Manager, you need to pay the cost of the order at 100%. Every client of the company "Valimark - biz" can choose a convenient payment method:

 Service Privat-24 will allow you to pay without leaving home is convenient and safe, you only need to pay 0.5% of amount and your order will be sending to your address. If you decide to use method cash – this procedure will take longer, but you will be assured of reliability. The only drawback of this service is the payment to return the funds sent at the client's expense, the amount of which is established by the carrier. Bank transfer payment can be sent by e-mail the invoice.
 Select the best carrier
All orders are sent to the destination our partners-carriers, the selection of today is great:

Carriers operate throughout the territory of Ukraine, and offices are becoming more and choose a convenient shipping method to your location. The Manager transmits your order to the shipping, where again, everything is checked, packaged and sent to the specified address, and then you get a text message with the number of the Declaration. With the Declaration number, you can easily track the whereabouts of your cargo. It is important to remember that those orders that formed after 16 hours, sent the next day, in connection with the schedule of work of carriers. Shipping is done within 1-2 days. We hope for friendly cooperation and understanding!